In the organic composition of capital, variable capital defines a regime of subjection of the worker (human surplus value), the principal framework of which is the business or factory. But with automation comes a progressive increase in the proportion of constant capital; we then see a new kind of enslavement: at the same time the work regime changes, surplus value becomes machinic, and the framework expands to all of society.

Deleuze and Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus.

Sounds quite a bit like Mario Tronti 20 years earlier

(via class-struggle-anarchism)

The more capitalist development advances, that is to say the more the production of relative surplus value penetrates everywhere, the more the circuit production “” distribution”” exchange “” consumption inevitably develops; that is to say that the relationship between capitalist production and bourgeois society, between the factory and society, between society and the state, become [sic] more and more organic. At the highest level of capitalist development social relations become moments of the relations of production, and the whole society becomes an articulation of production. In short, all of society lives as a function of the factory and the factory extends its exclusive domination over all of society.

Mario Tronti, Quaderni Rossi no. 2, 1962 (via class-struggle-anarchism)

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